Our Strategy

The Opportunity for EMOV

As major oil companies reduce their presence in mature oil basins, particularly in emerging markets, there is an opportunity for independent operators to further develop these assets while operating sustainably and maximising their remaining lifespan.

These regions offer attractive opportunities for independent companies that have the expertise to operate mature assets efficiently and have experience working with governments and other critical stakeholders.

EMOV targets compelling risk-weighted returns from operated assets, extending field life by implementing enhanced oil recovery technologies, improving plant reliability, optimising costs and carefully deploying capital to increase recovery factors. The company uses proven technologies and adhere to recognized global standards for safety, the environment and project management.

Acquisition Strategy

EMOV targets assets that can be become the foundation for sustainable energy businesses in two focal regions: Central Europe and the pre-Caspian Basin. These assets will be selected based on key criteria:

  • A political and economic environment where risks can be understood, quantified and actively managed
  • A track record of foreign direct investment and technology transfer
  • A proven and probable hydrocarbon resource base
  • An oil and gas industry with scale and infrastructure but opportunities for greater operational efficiency

The EMOV team is actively evaluating opportunities in both regions, with a focus on mature, operated fields that have existing cash flow and significant value creation potential.